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Book of Requests

You are all invited to write in this book whatever you wish, thank you notes & prayer intentions, or also simply a greeting. The pages will be printed and brought to Fr. Kentenich in the Founder Chapel.

, 19. 07. 2024





January 10, 2021

Bitte hilf lieber Pater Kentenich, dass mein Enkel J. wieder gesund wird. Du weisst wie schlimm alles ist. Bitte lieber Pater Kentenich ich vertraue auf deine F├╝rsprache. Du hast schon so oft geholfen.



December 28, 2020

Lieber Pater Kentenich du kennst unsere Sorgen und N├Âte
Bitte hilf


Aachen, October 18, 2020



Zimbabwe, September 30, 2020

Dear Mary, you used Norman and I as a seed to found Schoenstatt in Zimbabwe, then Mother of Peace Community in Mutoko, then sent to Rothwell Farm, Kutama, Zimbabwe where we were threatened with our lives, then St Marcellin Children's Village (Orphanage) in Zimbabwe in 2002.. since then a small primary school has been built, which is not running well, and a small convent which is occupied by the Carmelites. Norman and I are now seniors, over 70 years but suddenly I have a feeling to research, 3 Institutions : Schoenstatt: St Marcellin Children's Village: Carmelites ... I am totally unsure why, am printing Schoenstatt background and will do so for St Marcellin (Marist) and Carmelites .... please Mother and Fr Kentenich please could you give me an indication of what God is asking... what you Mother are asking of me. I know I have failed God many times and I deeply regret this ... but offer what life I have left to serving God and you Dear Mother. Thank you Sybil

Sybil Macdonald

September 09, 2020

Bitte hilf lieber Pater Kentenich. Du wei├čt worum es geht.


September 06, 2020

Lieber Pater Kentenich, begleite meine 3 Enkelkinder durch das neue Schuljahr, du wei├čt am besten, wo sie Hilfe ben├Âtigen. Und bitte hilf auch bei allen anderen Sorgen, die dir ja bekannt sind. Ich wei├č, auf dich ist Verlass. Bist schon immer mein himmlischer F├╝rsprecher.
Danke lieber Pater Kentenich.


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